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Medical professionals are hailing weight loss with hCG as a major breakthrough in losing weight and stubborn body fat. This advanced weight loss program has a 100% SUCCESS RESULT FOR PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW THE PLAN EXACTLY! It is a physician approved program that is completely safe and has been developed to help people lose weight and keep it off.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone present in both males and females. It is the hormone produced by pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy. During pregnancy, the substance almost completely controls the woman’s metabolic functions. In non-pregnant persons, research suggests hCG similarly increases the metabolism and promotes lipolytic (fat burning) activity.

The use of hCG as a diet aid was first discussed in a report that Dr. A.T.W. Simeons published in 1954. The report did gain some attention at that time, but it took several years before the use of hCG with dieting really started to catch on. Today, an increasing number of dieters are turning to hCG to help them lose those unwanted pounds.

Dr. Simeons noticed that his patients could drastically reduce their caloric intake without experiencing irritability, hunger pains, headaches, or weakness while also taking hCG. As Dr. Simeons continued his research, he found that an hCG injection did more than just help his patients lose weight. In fact, he found that the injections also helped to naturally reshape his patient’s bodies even if they did not engage in exercise while on the diet. In a non-pregnant state, hCG as a weight-loss aid helps reduce the craving for food by making stored fat available for metabolism, thus aiding in the ability to adhere to a rigid diet program. hCG accesses unnecessary fat stored in the body just as it does in early pregnancy. Abnormal fat deposits disappear; the double chin, potbelly and fat around hips and thighs are the first to go. hCG does not deplete subcutaneous or other essential fat.

Most hCG Weight-loss participants see a loss in girth (inches) before they see anysubstantive drop in the scales. When properly followed, the result is rapid weight loss and improved body shape during and after treatment. Reshaping of body contour is quickly noticeable in those patients who struggle with fat located in buttocks and hips area. As the hCG metabolizes stored body fat, about 2000 calories are released into the bloodstream, thus allowing for a low calorie per day diet without experiencing fatigue, weakness or hunger.